JavaScript plus Jasmine = Unit testing!

Learn JavaScript Testing

The short story and tldr of the course.


This article is about how and why I wrote the course for testing JavaScript and why I used Educative to host it. If you just want to know where the course is here you go —

The idea

I’ve been writing articles for some time now and have always tried to have a full code solution that readers can read, study, use or refer to at any point. Then someone from contacted me and asked if I wanted to do a course there. So I checked the platform out and found out that they support code environments in the browser, with no installation of anything required! I liked that a lot and jumped on the opportunity.

How it shaped itself

Initially, I wanted to do an Angular Unit Testing course. It was going great and at some point, I realized I had topics for more than 50+ lessons. I wanted to start by testing JavaScript, then introduce TypeScript, and finally add Angular in the mix which brings RxJs. It was going to be great! And it was going to take another 2 years to do it. :( At some point, I realized that I can’t wait so long for the course to be out, and also people would likely not want to wait so long either. So that brings us to the current course: Unit Testing JavaScript. It’s the first part of this huge course I started and it focuses on JavaScript both on the server-side as well as the client-side. And it’s out now!

The journey

Getting confident doing anything takes time and effort. This is also true for getting confident in unit testing your code. I remember feeling very confused and uncertain when I was starting unit testing. It took a long time and lots of errors on my part to get to where I am today: feeling confident about what I should test and how to test it. Also knowing that there’s lots more to learn and be OK with that. The course aims to start you off on that journey and ensure you know the way and the end goal.


Each of the lessons in the course starts with some coding task, a function, or a class with some methods and introduces the logic it’s going to test. Then, it shows how to test some of the cases of that function/method and finally lets you test some other cases on your own allowing you to solidify what you’ve learned.


I had a lot of ideas and a big desire to share all I know in the course. I hope it can bring value to you and start you off on your Unit Testing JavaScript journey!



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