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Debugging Angular framework running inside Docker container using VS Code

Build and test the Angular Framework’s code inside a container. Not to be mistaken for an app built with angular in a container.

Goal: have the angular framework code build and run its tests inside a Docker container and be able to debug that using VS Code.
But … why? Well my reasons are:

  1. To learn about Docker
  2. Try and contribute to Angular — both to the framework’s code itself and in having a Docker way of build/run tests
  3. Being a windows user — line endings*
  1. Provide a volume where Angular’s code will be available both to the outside/host and the inside/container. Need that to be able to edit the code and also do the build and tests
  2. Clone our fork of https://github.com/angular/angular
  3. Build the code
  4. Run tests
  5. Debug tests
Start a node:8 container passing it a volume angular and running bash in the container
Inside of the container there’s the angular folder
localhost:59229/json/list is part of the node debugger api.
Use a config like this one. Or just use the launch.json provided in ng_contrib repo.


Q1: Jasmine focus requires tests restart: The tests are quite long and you might want to focus on a section fdescribe. But that requires restart of the tests and attaching the debugger immediately because after tests complete — debugger stops listening until the next run.

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